Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad Illuminated Sculpture

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Introducing the Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad Illuminated Sculpture - a stunning tribute to America's can-do spirit and technological innovation. This exclusive collectible, available only from The Bradford Exchange's Hawthorne Village Division, is a labor of love and dedication, meticulously handcrafted to capture every authentic detail of this iconic space landmark.

A Labor of Love and Precision: Each Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad Sculpture is the result of painstaking research and intricate handcrafting. Expert artisans have poured their passion into creating a fully-dimensional masterpiece, meticulously hand-painted to ensure the utmost authenticity.

Intricate Details Galore: This sculpture showcases a wealth of intricate features that space enthusiasts will truly appreciate. From the Mobile Launch Platform resting atop the dual Crawler Transporters to the Launch Tower, the Space Shuttle, the Orbiter Access Arm with the famous White Room, the Oxygen Vent Arm with its "Beanie Cap," and the Lightning Mast proudly bearing the American Flag, no detail has been overlooked.

Awe-Inspiring Illumination: What sets this sculpture apart is its mesmerizing illumination. Six strategically placed LED lights in the platform and tower create a breathtaking effect, making it an awe-inspiring centerpiece during the day and a captivating spectacle at night.

For the Space History Enthusiast: Whether you're a die-hard space history buff or simply a lover of American innovation, this sculpture is a must-have addition to your collection. It can also serve as a patriotic electric train accessory, adding a unique touch to your display.

Easy to Power: To bring this stunning sculpture to life, it requires 3 "AAA" batteries or an AC adapter (not included), ensuring that it's always ready to shine.

Certificate of Authenticity: Your Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad Illuminated Sculpture comes with a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee its exclusive status.

Dimensions: This remarkable piece measures 8-1/2" in width, 17" in height, and 8-1/2" in depth, making it a substantial and visually striking addition to your space-themed collection.

Embrace the spirit of exploration, innovation, and American pride with the Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad Illuminated Sculpture. Order yours today and proudly display this tribute to our nation's remarkable journey into the stars.