ASA Aircraft Flight Log

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For frequently shared aircraft, such as those used by FBOs and flying clubs, maintaining adequate awareness of the maintenance and airworthiness status of a given aircraft can be a daunting challenge. To help pilots and operators gain a better understanding of a given plane's maintenance condition, ASA devised this low-cost, compact Aircraft Flight Log.

Intended to supplement the official aircraft logbooks, this handy, spiral-bound log is designed to be kept in the aircraft so pilots can easily record flight times, maintenance squawks, destination/purpose of flight, oil added, and a variety of recurring maintenance and currency information when away from base or when unable to access the actual aircraft logs. Its uncluttered, logical structure facilitates easy, at-a-glance familiarity through which pilots can communicate to each other and to maintenance personnel. A fantastic, extremely affordable resource that makes a great addition to any aircraft.

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