Air Force One Radio Control

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Enjoy the elite privilege of serving as a Presidential pilot with our hands-on Air Force One Radio Control aircraft. This miniature model of the Commander in Chief's official aerial transport features a lifelike representation of the world-famous B-747 (or more accurately, VC-25), complete with its characteristic blue-and-white paint scheme, American flag on the vertical stabilizer, USAF insignia and "United States of America" text across its fuselage, and the Presidential seal below the cockpit. On top of all that, it even displays thrilling lights and sounds! Use the included wireless remote control to steer the aircraft around on the surface, and its engine nacelles, wingtops, and upper forward fuselage will light up as it taxis about. Runs on 6 AA batteries. A fantastic source of wireless entertainment that's sure to delight your little ones for hours on end.



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