Great Pilots Measure Progress with ASA Flight Records

It’s tough for a small Part 61 school to keep pace with the larger schools out there.  They all seem to be investing in expensive student management programs.  But do smaller schools really need to?  The card stock ASA Private Pilot Flight Records are a steal right now and can keep your training on track. 

The last question a flight student wants to hear from his instructor is, “So what do you want to work on today?”  It sends a clear message that their guide is leading them through the wilderness without a map. 

If you’re a small school and only using pilot logbooks to track training, let’s consider your last flight.  Do you feel like you’re closely monitoring your student’s training?  Are you just giving a quick debrief, scribbling some brief notes in the logbook remarks and scheduling the next flight? 

Do you think you’ll remember which maneuvers your student did or didn’t complete to the FAA standards on the next flight?  How many students are you flying with today?  Will you remember what you told your student to prepare for the next flight?

If the answers to those questions are no, no, a lot, and no don’t expect your students to progress through their rating quickly. If there’s no documentation, there’s nothing to measure.  I know we all hate being graded, but it’s important to know whether or not the student’s performance is improving.

ASA Student Flight Records

A clear picture of where your future pilots stand in their training matters a lot more than focusing on logging flight hours.  Come on instructors,  let’s provide some value!  These students are paying to become pilots.  Let’s focus on helping them achieve their goals! 

Pilot Mall understands the importance of measuring progress.  That’s why we’re currently offering the ASA Student Flight Records for the Private Pilot rating for only $2.30, which is a steal.  This package is perfect for small volume and freelance instructors that care about producing safe, competent private pilots efficiently. 

We understand there are lots of schools out there that don't have the student volume necessary to invest in an expensive web-based student management system and that's okay.  Sometimes simple is better and more appropriate. 

The ASA Student Flight Records Kit will keep the student and instructor on track, getting student pilots where they need to be.  With this great training aid, you can sit down to discuss performance while properly documenting it with a fresh memory of the flight. 

You don't always need your own app to guide a new pilot down the path to success.  Check out the simple and effective training aids available on Pilot Mall today.  These future pilots deserve it.
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