FAA Seattle Sectional - 5/16/24 thru 7/11/24

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Pacific Northwest pilots who aviate near the US/Canada border recognize the importance of a reliable source of aeronautical navigation data to help keep them safe and informed throughout their flights in the border region. Fortunately, the FAA's Seattle Sectional Chart provides all the critical aviation info they need to help them maintain their situational awareness from takeoff to touchdown. As with all charts in the FAA's Sectional series, this foldable, full-color chart is loaded with valuable aviation data including airport info (runway lengths, lighting, elevation, services available, surface type, etc.); airspace dimensions; VHF and LF/MF navigational facilities (frequency, ID, and channel); landmarks; cities & towns; elevation/topographic info; ATC entities and associated contact/radio frequencies; bodies of water; obstructions; and much, much more.

The Seattle Sectional covers the airspace over the northernmost portion of the 48 Contiguous States including Washington State, the northern half of Oregon, and even the area's US/Canada border. It also portrays the region's Pacific Coast. Uses the standard 1:500,000 (6.86 nm per inch; 2.70 nm per cm) scale characteristic of sectional charts. Updated every six months. A low-cost, high-value source of relevant FAA data that should be an essential item in every Pacific Northwest pilot's flight bag.