Innoquest MultiSump Aviation Fuel Tester

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With its MultiSump Aviation Fuel Tester, Innoquest significantly streamlines the GA preflight process. Unlike virtually all other fuel testers on the market, the MultiSump features a dedicated 1.6oz (50mL) sample cup that, following examination, can be seamlessly drained into the larger 7.8oz (230mL) integral catch can below for time-saving, no-drip/no-dribble checking of up to 8 sumps between dumpings. Its design enables easy, one-handed operation, and its transparent plastic construction allows users one final inspection of all sampled fuel before it's emptied from the catch can. A stainless steel push rod activates the sump valves. Measures 7" (18cm) tall x 2¾" (7cm) at its outer diameter and weighs 0.28 lbs. (129g). Also includes a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. An incredibly thoughtful item that GA pilots are sure to love.


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