Lee Bottom Bird Limited Edition Sam Lyons Print

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Ask an assortment of red-blooded general aviation (GA) pilots for their opinions on Sam Lyons' Lee Bottom Bird and you're bound to hear a very common theme: That's aviating at its best. In fact, most non-flyers will probably agree that the image depicts a form of freedom you can't experience in any other manner. Across its 21½" x 16" surface, the exquisite illustration highlights the lush natural features of Hanover, Indiana's Lee Bottom Airport (64I), a haven for vintage aircraft. Lyons' rendition of the low-flying silver & green Globe Swift at the center captures a frighteningly realistic degree of the airplane's attributes, and his presentation of the verdant green airstrip and cool cerulean Ohio River are insanely identical to aerial photographs of the aerodrome. If you haven't yet visited this notable little airfield, Lyons' depiction will make you feel like you have.

This picture is available as both an Artist Proof (limited to 30) and a signed & numbered Limited Edition print (limited to 300). Both versions are printed on acid-free paper, utilize first-rate permanent inks, and include a Certificate of Authenticity. Also offered as Prints on Canvas (limited to 20). A pristine portrayal of a beloved GA airport and an equally admired airplane that's sure to fascinate flight enthusiasts from every corner of the globe.

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