Celeste Lav Spray Air Freshener

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Let's face it, we've all visited a restroom, ridden in a car, or encountered some other enclosed area with an overpowering fetid odor. When this putrid smell happens to be in an aircraft, we seldom have the option of landing immediately to escape the offensive stink. Fortunately, Celeste's Lav Spray Air Freshener is just the item to neutralize revolting odors for a pleasant flight experience. Instead of merely overpowering the offending odor with a stronger scent, Celeste's specially formulated spray works to counteract the unwanted smell for a truly odor-free cockpit. The Lav Spray is safe and effective and contains no fluorocarbons. Contains 5.31 oz. (177 mL) per bottle. An extremely affordable, must-have item for CFIs, aircraft renters, or anyone who shares an aircraft with others.



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