DuPont Sontara Aerospace-Grade Wipes

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Regardless of your exact aviation cleaning needs, you'll be hard pressed to find a product on the market that can come close to the rugged, user-friendly properties of DuPont Sontara Aerospace-Grade Wipes. These remarkably well-constructed, 9' x 16.5' wipes are free of additives, binders, and glue for super absorbency that won't stain or damage your equipment. Additionally, their unique, spunlaced construction is optimized to resist snagging and binding on corners and rivets, and their low-linting qualities ensure they won't leave a mess behind. Ideal for cleaning windshields, polishing chrome & aluminum, wiping away grease & oil, and numerous other aviation applications. Each box contains 100 wipes. An exceptionally well-designed cleaning agent from the quality experts at DuPont.