F-86 Sabre Officially Licensed Aeroplane Apparel Co. Men's T-Shirt

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The veterans and aircraft that served in the Korean War don’t often get the credit they deserve. All too often, they are glossed over in textbooks and lectures, sandwiched between much larger discussions on WWII and Vietnam.

Korea, though, was the first war fought entirely in the jet age, and the United States F-86 Sabre was one terrifying aircraft to encounter in the skies if you were a communist pilot. As our first swept-wing fighter, the F-86 accumulated an impressive 10-to-1 kill ratio in dogfights against Soviet-built MiGs.

Help shine a light on the Korean War and on the importance of the F-86 with this T-shirt, officially licensed from Boeing by the Aeroplane Apparel Company.

Produced under license from Boeing. Boeing, the distinctive Boeing logos, product markings, and trade dress are trademarks of The Boeing Company.

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