Boost Oxygen 10 Liter Bottle

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Though the need for supplemental oxygen is most commonly associated with higher altitudes, there are times when a little auxiliary O2 can be beneficial at lower elevations. Designed for use below 12,000 ft, our 10 Liter canisters from Boost Oxygen contain 95% pure (in contrast to 21% in the air) oxygen and an integral mask that's good for approximately 120-150 inhalations of this crucial, life-sustaining gas. Boost Oxygen can be beneficial for improving night vision, alleviating fatigue and headaches, enhancing your energy level, reducing stress, and boosting your ability to focus. The compact size of the containers makes them perfect for your flight bag, seatback pocket, cup holder, or a host of other handy storage locations. Safe and all-natural, these supplemental O2 bottles are a low-cost solution to breathe new life into your performance.


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