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Go longer between oxygen refills with the lightweight, durable, all-metal Aerox oxygen system that allows you to fly at higher, more fuel-efficient altitudes and summit hazardous weather for smoother, safer ops.

The rugged units will easily work with any aircraft and come with all the components you need for one-handed, maintenance-free operation. In addition to the O2 cylinder of your choice, the system purchase also includes three simple, high-quality components that can significantly increase the useful life of your cylinders.

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  • The altitude compensating Oxysaver Cannula enriches your expelled air with just the right concentration of O2 for optimal oxygen saturation when you inhale. It also prevents the unnecessary waste of oxygen and can extend your canister's useful life by up to 8 times over standard systems.
  • The Flowmeter Indicator displays both oxygen flow and altitude (in thousands of feet MSL) and has dual scales for use with either masks or cannulas.
  • The all-metal Adjustable Flow Valve attaches to the canister's O2 fitting and allows you to perfectly adjust the oxygen flow for both altitude and the type of delivery equipment (Oxysaver Cannula, standard cannula, or mask) being used. The flowmeter and needle valve can also be co-located (optional), and the system is available in one, two, and four-place configurations.

Turn to Aerox for an affordable, proven oxygen system that opens a world of new possibilities whenever you fly.

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