Aerox Oxysaver Oxygen-Conserving Cannula for Adults

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Would you fill your planes tanks with a leaking hose that spewed precious AvGas or jet fuel all over the tarmac? Probably not, right? Then why would you use a standard, continuous-flow cannula that wastes valuable oxygen in the cockpit? Instead, get the Oxysaver ultra-efficient adult nasal cannula from Aerox. This enhanced cannula captures your exhaled air in a reservoir and mixes it with the exact amount of oxygen you need to breathe. When paired with low-flow meters, the Oxysaver can increase your canister life by up to 8 times over standard, inefficient, continuous flow systems. The Oxysaver nasal cannula has been tested up to altitudes of 18,000 feet and can comfortably be worn with a headset and boom mic. Get your upgraded cannula today and breathe easily knowing you have a highly efficient oxygen flow to support your entire flight.

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