Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Handbook - 3rd Edition

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With his ultra-current Instrument Pilot's Handbook, aviation celebrity Rod Machado shows he's much more than the funny flight instructor and amusing aviator persona he presents at his world-famous speaking engagements. Anyone who reads even a few pages of this captivating, visually loaded text will see that Machado holds the answers to hundreds of questions most pilots would never even think to ask. Page after page, Rod teaches you not just the necessities crucial to safe IFR flight, he also educates you on how to think as a pilot in command. Utilizing his one-of-a-kind approach, Machado's witty wisdom teaches far more than any comparable book on the market comes close to covering. A first-class example of why Machado is a master of his art.

This valuable one-stop handbook contains the information necessary to:

  • Fly instruments as a knowledgeable and competent pilot
  • Prepare for the FAA instrument pilot knowledge exam
  • Prepare for the instrument pilot practical oral exam
  • Refresh for your instrument proficiency check
  • Remain an up-to-date confident instrument pilot

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