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The Silent Killer in the Cockpit


You have probably heard of CO or Carbon Monoxide; the colorless, odorless, highly toxic gas. Have you ever thought about it hovering in your cockpit during flight?

Wait… Flying is fun, why are we talking about serious stuff?

We talk about it because a high level of Carbon Monoxide is incredibly dangerous and is known to hinder our cognitive function. There are several symptoms we can watch for. The most common being headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion, shortness of breath, blurred vision and even loss of consciousness… symptoms no pilot wants to feel during flight.

CO Symptoms

CARBON MONOXIDE: A Deadly Menace, published by the FAA is a must read. This brochure starts with the details of a crash that was caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. It later explains CO Exposure symptoms, preventative measures that pilots can take, and safeguards that can be put in place to prevent becoming a statistic. Please take the time to read. It could save your life!

Rather than stress over CO, or be taken by surprise, stop by We’ve got just what you need!

Check out our popular CO detectors before your next flight!

The ASA Carbon Monoxide Detector is easy to use. Simply open the packaging and affix it in your aircraft with the adhesive backing. The orange center spot will turn gray/black when CO is present.

Quantum Eye Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Quantum Eye CO Detector is similar to ASA’s. It is about the size of a credit card and even gives you 3 notification alerts. Yellow shows for normal level, green for caution and black alerts danger.

Pocket CO Detector

The Pocket CO Carbon Monoxide Detector is a lightweight, battery operated option. It can be hung from your keychain and will literally sound an alarm (as well as a bright red light) any time CO is detected. It will also show you the actual CO concentration in ppm on the display.

We believe flying should be fun, but it should also be safe. Stop by today and ready your cockpit before your next flight. Breathe easy knowing you have a brand-new CO detector by your side and get back up there!

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