FAA U.S. IFR/VFR Folded Planning Chart - 11/30/23 thru 05/16/24

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The FAA's U.S. IFR/VFR Folded Planning Chart is the perfect tool to help you prepare for cross-country trips throughout the US. Covering the entirety of the 48 Conterminous States, the front side depicts the Eastern half of the country, including insets from Washington D.C. to Boston. The rear side portrays the Western half of the US, with insets for the Los Angeles/San Diego area. Among the multitude of aeronautical data displayed on the chart are Victor Airways; LF/MF airways; airports; airspace types and dimensions; cities; time zone boundaries; major drainage, and much more. It even features an airport directory (including airspace classification) and a great-circle mileage table depicting distances between major airports.

The chart unfolds to 40" x 36" and uses a 1:3,400,000 (47 nm per inch) scale. Revised annually. Whether you're a VFR-only aviator or you prefer flight by reference to instruments, the IFR/VFR Folded Planning Chart is an affordable, extremely helpful flight-planning supplement to take your situational awareness to a whole new flight level.