Authentic Models Sopwith Camel Trnsprent, 250cm

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Anybody who wholeheartedly believes that bigger is better will love this humongous scale reproduction of the venerable Sopwith Camel. The massive model measures 250 cm (98.43") and is packed with right-on-the-money features indistinguishable from those on the authentic aircraft.

Of note is the absence of color adorning the airplane's exterior. Rather than detract from its engineering marvels with an eye-catching coat of paint, we instead chose a transparent covering that enables viewers to enjoy the finer points of the stellar WWI British fighter. What you will see are its airfoil ribs; spot-on interplane struts & braces; characteristic hub-and-spoke main landing gear tires; and two-blade wooden scimitar prop attached to its replica Clerget 9B radial engine. Makes a fantastic museum-quality collectible that hard-core aircraft admirers will love.

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