RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 12" Tablets with U-Bolt Rail Mount Kit

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Even aviators whose instrument panels qualify for antique status can enjoy the latest in innovative electronic instrumentation with the assistance of our RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 12" Tablets with U-Bolt Rail Mount Kit. With this top-of-the-line combo at your disposal, it's never been easier to access an abundance of aeronautical info - approach plates, enroute charts, Wx reports & forecasts, flight-planning features, and much more - from the tablet computer of your choice.

At its foundation, the kit features a zinc-coated U-bolt base that adjusts to fit rails, yokes, struts, etc. ranging from 1/2" to 11/4" in diameter. At the opposite end, the X-Grip clamping cradle employs spring-loaded composite arms that adapt to secure a variety of tablets from7 1/4" - 8 3/4 W and up to 7/8" D. With optional support arms in place, the cradle can accommodate devices up to 101/4" L (unlimited length w/o optional arms). The cradle's rubber-coated tips safeguard your tablet from nicks and scratches, and the unit's minimalist design enables unfettered access to all jacks, ports, speakers, camera lenses, etc. Connecting the case to the base is a RAM Mount 3.69" Double Socket Arm. Once affixed to the 1" ball heads on the cradle and the U-bolt, the arm delivers an essentially unlimited degree of user-adjustable flexibility, so you can always count on that picture-perfect viewing angle. An extremely well-designed cockpit companion for a portable flight deck that conforms to any aircraft.

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