RAM Multi-Pad with Glare Shield Clamp Mount Kit

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While many modern aviators have traded in their paper navigational charts and approach plates for the electronic equivalent, every pilot worth his/her salt realizes that there are still times when the old-fashioned pen & paper combo is the only way to go. For such occasions, the RAM Multi-Pad with Glare Shield Clamp Mount Kit delivers a rock-solid writing surface that's been optimized for the flight deck. Use it on a single actual IFR trip and you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Unlike kneeboards and lap desks, which foster way too much head-down time, the 4" x 8" high-strength composite Multi-Pad is designed to attach to a glareshield or shelflike surface (0.17"-1.12" [4.4mm-28.0mm] thick) for a much more user-friendly viewing angle. In addition to reducing unnecessary head movements, the kit is also optimized to eliminate avoidable frustrations. Rather than fumbling with pen loops and cumbersome clips, the Multi-Pad boasts a pair of integral rare-earth magnets that provide a solid hold on your ferrous metal pens with nothing more than a touch. The unit also features a rugged top clip and a 4" W insert sleeve, both of which ensure your checklists, clearance/Wx notepads, approach plates, aeronautical charts, and other important info remain close at hand. Rounding out the combo is the assembly's integral ball-and-socket technology, which enables ultra-precise fine-tuning of the pad for always-perfect accessibility. A safety-enhancing cockpit addition that will help you stay ahead of the aircraft from startup to shutdown.


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