RAM Yoke Clamp Mount with Double Socket Arm and Round Base Adapter Kit

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Have your piloting proclivities moved away from paper charts and pilotage & dead reckoning in favor of such tried-and-true modern marvels as GPS and electronic approach plates? If you've abandoned old-school aviating approaches for the latest & greatest in 21st Century technology, the RAM Yoke Clamp Mount with Double Socket Arm and Round Base Adapter Kit is a gem of a godsend you'll never again want to operate without.

Built to last from powder-coated marine-grade aluminum, the mount is designed to attach to control yokes and rails ranging from 5/8" to 1 1/4" in diameter. Once the base is firmly in place, the unit's double-socket arm - which features 1" D ball-and-socket joints at each end - delivers infinitely articulating adaptability that ensures you'll always have the optimal viewing angle, regardless of what's going on around you. Additionally, the business end's 2 1/2" round base boasts pre-drilled holes in the standard AMPs arrangement, which is fully compatible with a wide variety of RAM cradles (sold separately), including ALL iPad offerings. Furthermore, the device has been engineered to minimize shock and vibration, so you can rest assured your trusty copilot will still be going strong long into the future. A remarkably reliable, hassle-free aeronautical accessory for second-to-none situational awareness from takeoff to touchdown.


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