RAM iPad Mini 1-3 Cradle with 1" Ball

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When you aviate behind the world's foremost small tablet computer, you can't trust the safety of your device - or your flight ops - to some second-rate knockoff case & mount combo. Fortunately, the RAM iPad Mini 1-3 Cradle with 1" Ball is to tablet cases what the iPad Mini is to portable electronics. By introducing this revolutionary protective holder into your cockpit, you can rest assured your gadget is safeguarded by the most advanced, custom-designed cradle the world has yet seen.

For starters, this RAM Cradle boasts high-strength composite/powder-coated marine grade aluminum construction that's built to take plenty of use & abuse while defending your tablet from both. It also features an innovative, patent-pending roller design that fosters gentle insertion/removal of your iPad Mini while simultaneously providing a snug fit once the device is in place. Additionally, its open-frame design enables easy access access to all buttons, ports, jacks, and camera lenses. Furthermore, the back of the unit comes equipped with a 2 1/2" D round base plate with 1" rubber attachment ball, which allows users to secure the cradle to a wide variety of RAM articulating arms and mounting bases (sold separately). Purchase includes a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. The epitome of aviation innovation that's the greatest thing to happen to your flight deck since the portable electronic flight bag (EFB).


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