Mystery Ship Air Racer Limited Edition Sam Lyons Print

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What's the best-kept secret in the aviation art world? If you're reading this, you've just found it! With his stunning 16" x 20" illustration Mystery Ship Air Racer, world-renowned aviation artist Sam Lyons introduces viewers to a formerly super-secret aeronautical invention by the legendary Travel Air company. The image's name stems from the line's development; of the five Type R racers manufactured by Travel Air, the initial three were constructed in absolute concealment. This drawing depicts the first of the Mystery Ship racers, NR614K (Race No. 31), which was designed for both long-distance and closed-course racing. Of note is the fact that the plane had two sets of wings: a short pair for speed and a longer, wider set for cross-country duties. Though the aircraft was destroyed by fire in 1931, Lyons immortalizes its legacy with his superb portrayal of the wire-braced taildragger. Everything from its sleek lines to its garnet-hued livery to the curvature of the cowling over its Wright J-6-9 radial is identical to that on the genuine article. Adding to the picture's grandeur is the artist's lifelike grass, partly cloudy sky, and the barren stretch of land extends to the horizon. It truly is a sight to behold.

This image is available as both an Artist Proof (limited to 10) and a signed & numbered Limited Edition print (limited to 100). Both versions are printed on acid-free paper, utilize first-rate permanent inks, and include a Certificate of Authenticity. A magnificent memorial to a dark horse golden age airplane - now declassified!

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