FAA Terminal Procedures NW Vol 1 Bound 12/02/21 thru 01/27/22

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Whether you're permanently based in the Pacific Northwest or only visit the region once in a great while, make sure you're equipped with the latest edition of the FAA's North West V1 Bound IFR Terminal Procedures before venturing into the area during reduced visibility/ceiling conditions. Within this 5 3/8" x 8 1/4" bound volume, you'll find a logically organized collection of current instrument approach plates; departure (DPs/SIDs) & arrival (STARs) charts; airport/taxiway diagrams; and charted visual flight procedures (CVFPs) for the entirety of WA, OR, ID, MT, and WY. As is characteristic of all FAA Terminal Procedures Publications, the North West V1 Bound volume is published on the FAA's standard 56-day cycle. Offered both as an ongoing subscription and as a one-time purchase, this low-cost, data-backed assembly of must-have IFR info will serve you well from startup to shutdown during operations in the Northwestern states.

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