Garmin G1000 Qref Card

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Garmin packed its industry-leading G1000 glass cockpit system so full of user-friendly functionality that even experienced GPS users can find it confusing - and overwhelming - to learn the basics of this state-of-the-art system. Fortunately, with Qref Media's Garmin G1000 Qref Card you don't have to devote weeks of labor-intensive study to memorizing the finer points of this glass cockpit panel. Instead, this rugged, colorful quick reference sheet uses surprisingly simple language to clearly summarize the steps necessary to activate the unit's most popular functions.

This extremely durable, double-sided reference card uses short-and-sweet, numbered descriptions to teach users how to engage the G1000's most frequently used features, including Nearest Airport, Direct To, Load Approach, Activate Approach, Activate Vectors-to-Final, Create Flight Plan, Zoom In/Out, Display Moving Map, and many more. The card's uncluttered layout makes each function easy to locate, and its use of plain, concise language all but eliminates the possibility of misunderstanding. In addition to the G1000 WAAS and Non-WAAS models, the card covers buttonology for the GTX 330, TIS Traffic, Stormscope, L3 Lightning and XM Weather units. An exceptionally valuable user reference that every G1000 aficionado is sure to adore.

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