Cub at Quail Creek Limited Edition Sam Lyons Print

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It's hard to imagine a more ideal existence than the one Sam Lyons shares with viewers in Cub at Quail Creek. As its name implies, the 15" x 30" illustration portrays a summery yellow Piper Cub on floats docked at Quail Creek Plantation in Okeechobee County, Florida. As is characteristic of all his artwork, Sam devotes meticulous attention to reproducing each & every feature of the Cub exactly as it appears on Piper's production planes. Observers will also cherish Lyons' ultra-precise depiction of the setting's scenery. The remarkably realistic reflective qualities of the water - which include a mirror image of the Cub - far exceed the skill level of all but a handful of upper-echelon artists. Furthermore, his lifelike portrayal of the area's vegetation and the billowing clouds in the distant sky augment the authenticity of the tranquil ambiance. For many, this drawing is the embodiment of any aviator's Shangri-la.

This picture is available as both an Artist Proof (limited to 30) and a signed & numbered Limited Edition print (limited to 300). Both versions are printed on acid-free paper, utilize first-rate permanent inks, and include a Certificate of Authenticity. A pristine portrait of paradise on Earth as only the world's foremost aviation artist can provide.

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