Blue Angels World Chronograph A-T Stainless Citizen Watch (AT8020-54L)

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You can't go wrong with a stainless chronograph watch. They're a staple of every man's wardrobe, prized for their versatility, hitting that perfect middle ground between casual and dressy.

The CITIZEN Blue Angels World Chronograph A-T Stainless is a step above the competition. First, it offers atomic time in 26 world cities and radio-controlled accuracy in five zones. When it comes to telling time, it simply doesn't get better. It also features 12/24 time, a perpetual calendar, a non-reflective sapphire crystal and more.

There's one more catch. You'll never have to wind it, or service a mechanical movement or replace the battery. That's because it's powered by light through CITIZEN's Eco-Drive Technology. Complete your wardrobe with a low-maintenance, high function wristwatch.


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