FAA Alaska Terminal Procedures Bound - 5/16/24 thru 7/11/24

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Instrument-rated pilots who operate throughout the rugged wilderness that is Alaska understand the importance of maintaining safety and situational awareness from takeoff to touchdown. To assist them in their aviation endeavors, the FAA's Terminal Procedures Bound Alaska publication is a must-have navigational resource for each and every flight. Within this 5?" x 8̴?" bound volume, pilots will find all instrument approach plates; departure (DPs/SIDs) & arrival (STARs) charts; airport/taxiway diagrams; and charted visual flight procedures (CVFPs) for the entirety of the 49th state. On top of that, the publication contains DoD High Charts, radar minimums, climb/descent rate tables, an inoperative component table, and loads more need-to-know aeronautical info.

As is the case with all FAA Terminal Procedures publications, the Alaskan volume is published on the FAA's standard 56-day cycle. PilotMall.com offers this item both as a one-time purchase and as an ongoing subscription. A low-cost, high-value, data-packed aviation resource that'll serve you well on all your flights in The Last Frontier.