Gleim Online Inspection Authorization Training Course

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Gleim's Online Inspection Authorization (IA) Training Course is the most comprehensive, well-organized, user-friendly tutorial on the market to help you prepare for the FAA's rigorous IA knowledge exam. Unlike most FAA written tests, the IA exam is a closed test, meaning actual exam questions and answers are not publicly available. Fortunately, Gleim's meticulously structured course instills the knowledge you need for a successful outcome.

The training course consists of 10 modules, each of which includes a Knowledge Transfer outline, audiovisual presentation, multiple-choice study quiz, and multiple choice test quiz. The program also includes a stage test, end-of-course test, and practical tests that mimic the format of the official FAA exam. Purchase includes 12 months of unlimited, on-demand access. The smartest investment you can make to prepare for the IA exam.

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