Douglas DC-3 Candy Bomber (D-CXXX) Silver Aviation Tag

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Hold a piece of aviation history in your hands (and attach it to your keys or luggage). Each unique Aviationtag is a cut from a 100% authentic original airplane skin. Your upcycled handmade tag is crafted in Cologne, Germany, and marked with a unique serial number signifying its status as a limited-edition collectors’ item.

Each Aviationtag is special, but the 6,400 tags that were cut from Douglas DC-3 bomber C-47B-30-DK are extra memorable. This aircraft became known worldwide as the “Candy Bomber” when Col. Gail Halvorsen orchestrated a humanitarian mission to drop sweets to children blockaded in West Berlin during the Berlin Airlift of 1948-1949.

Although the Candy Bomber’s first flight was back in 1945, it continued to fly until 2010 when it was retired upon the closure of the Berlin Tempelhof Airport.

Your silver Candy Bomber tag is laser-engraved with an outline of the aircraft’s left side, registration number, and your limited-edition serial number. It’s a sweet gift or holiday stocking stuffer for the aviation history buff in your life.

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