Diamond DA40 G1000 (2005+) Qref Book Aircraft Procedure Checklist

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While stick & rudder skills are fundamental requirements for safe flying, mastering the complex buttonology of the Garmin G1000 is equally important for operating a Diamond DA40 equipped with the latest 21st Century instrument panel. Fortunately, this one-of-a-kind Qref checklist is specifically designed to help you learn all the secrets to Garmin's paradigm-shifting G1000 system as it applies to the DA40 - though, to be fair, calling a Qref publication a "checklist" doesn't even begin to do it justice. In fact, a Qref booklet is more like a full-color, comprehensive, redesigned, user-friendly, streamlined, upgraded & updated POH/PIM/AFM on steroids. Whereas most manufacturer-produced checklists do follow a logical, streamlined format, at times their setup can be a bit sparse on both nice-to-know and need-to-know info. Furthermore, aircraft flight manuals (AFMs) contain a host of valuable data, though it's often difficult to track down exactly what you're after - in spite of their industry-wide standardization. With this unparalleled treasure trove of Diamond-specific parameters - including all the ins & outs of the G1000 glass cockpit - Qref cuts through the confusion and eliminates the verbiage so you'll always know exactly where your sought-after info awaits.

Besides providing easy-to-follow checklists for every conceivable aspect of operation from preflight to shutdown/tiedown - including emergencies - this Qref publication brings users a wealth of additional data unique to the G-1000-equipped Diamond DA40: power settings/performance parameters, conversion tables, ALL V-speeds, weight & balance info, operating limitations, G1000 buttonology, systems specifics, and even rulers for a variety of common aeronautical chart scales. Plus, its tabbed, spiral-bound pages are all printed in stunning, 2400 DPI color on virtually indestructible sheets! Measures a kneeboard-friendly 4¼" x 7" and covers all DA40 G1000 models manufactured since 2005. A phenomenal compilation of aircraft- and avionics-specific data that should be a "no-to" item in every DA40 pilot's flight bag.

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