Checkmate FlyWrite Cockpit Writing Pad

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Checkmate Aviation's FlyWrite Cockpit Writing Pad brings pilots a thoroughly organized solution for copying all the in-flight info they'll need from startup to engine shutdown. The pad's organization flows logically from top to bottom and covers pre-departure/departure info including ATIS/AWOS/ASOS, Hobbs & tach "out" times, radio frequencies, time off, and more. Below is a section specifically for recording IFR clearances, followed by a blank section for copying a variety of notes. The final section includes arrival info including Wx, touchdown time, Hobbs & tach "in" times, radio frequencies, and more.

Each pad is top bound and contains 50 5" x 8" sheets along with a heavy cardboard backing. Can also be used with standard junior legal vinyl binders. In addition, each pad features a vertical scale that measures mileage for Sectional, TAC, WAC, NOS, Jeppesen and ELA charts. An excellent item for easy, low-cost organization on every flight.

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