CH Products Eclipse Yoke (200-616)

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If you're a true flight sim enthusiast, CH Products' Eclipse Yoke (200-616) is just the item to enable you to truly simulate flight. Designed to replicate the actual airplane cockpit, the Eclipse Yoke features integral mixture, propeller, and throttle levers - in addition to its ergonomic control yoke - for realistic flight control inputs that mimic those you'd operate if actually aviating. It gets better! On top of its six analog, 10-bit axes of aircraft control (roll, pitch, yaw, throttle, prop, and mixture), the unit features a jaw-dropping array of fully programmable buttons including: 8-way POV hat & rocker switches on both (left & right) grips; a pair of 2-way flipper switches on the base; 2 standard pushbuttons on the backside of each grip; three traditional pushbuttons - two of which are backlit; a tri-color LED selector dial; and much more. It also boasts programmable trim/scroll wheels with a center push function.

Setup is a simple matter of connecting the 7-ft cable's USB plug to your computer - its Plug & Play features will do the rest. Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/ME/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, Windows 10 operating systems. Includes a 2-year limited warranty. The perfect combination of affordability, durability, authenticity, and unrivaled functionality for a computer simulation experience like no other.



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