Cessna 170B 1952-55 Owner's Manual

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The Cessna 170 came before the well-known Cessna 172. This light aircraft has four seats and tricycle landing gear, making it a popular choice for general aviation purposes.

This aircraft information manual is intended for the 1952-55 version of the Cessna 170B and includes all necessary details and restrictions found in the original Pilot's Operating Handbook. The Cessna 170B had a new wing design with tapered outboard flaps and dihedral, similar to the military version.

Please note that our manuals are not FAA-approved replacements for your aircraft's POH. However, we have painstakingly reproduced them using high-quality Canon printers and scanned them for accuracy and clarity.

Key Features:

  • Reprint of the original 1952-55 Cessna 170B POH

  • Scanned and cleaned for clarity

  • Number of Pages: 38

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