Bombs Away 18" Clock

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Though most plane fanatics undoubtedly consider the venerable B-25J Mitchell a true stunner, the bomber pales in comparison to the bombshell adorning this Bombs Away Baby Clock from The Vintage Sign Company. The clock's nostalgic-looking display depicts a colorful image of the twin-engine bomber - along with a scene-stealing siren at its center. Both the pin-up and the plane are immortalized through the process of sublimation - in which the image is baked in a powder coating - to ensure their enticing appearance will have them looking good for many years to come.

Equally impressive to the artwork is the clock's high-quality construction. The timepiece features an American-made Quartz movement for the pinnacle of accuracy and durability. The 18" analog clock runs on a single AA battery. A phenomenal testament to American-made quality at a truly remarkable price.

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