FAA Atlanta Terminal - 7/11/24 thru 09/05/24

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For years, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) has been ranked as the busiest airport in the entire world. Even if ATL has slipped from the #1 spot, its incredibly congested airspace can make it challenging - and intimidating - for low, slow VFR aircraft to safely operate alongside the heavy iron that flies 24/7 from the active international gateway. Fortunately, the FAA's Atlanta Terminal Area Chart (TAC) delivers an incredible level of valuable, easy-to-grasp aeronautical info that makes it much easier and safer for VFR pilots to effectively utilize Atlanta's Class B airspace complex.

Like all charts in the TAC lineup, the Atlanta Terminal Chart utilizes a larger (1:250,000; 3.43 nm per inch [1.35 nm per cm]) scale than FAA Sectional Charts that allows it to portray additional landmarks, important altitudes, radio frequencies, and other noteworthy aviation info that's not feasible to include on sectionals. Additionally, several TACs feature VFR Flyway Planning Charts on the reverse side, which present flight paths and altitudes to help low, slow flyers steer clear of larger, quicker traffic. As with all TAC publications, this chart is revised every six months. An affordable, easy-to-read tool to further strengthen your situational awareness while aviating in Atlanta's active airspace.

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