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If you dream of loops, snap rolls, and death-defying stalls, get your hands on The Basic Aerobatic Manual: With Spin and Upset Recovery Techniques by the “Spin Doctor” himself, legendary aerobatic flight instructor William K. Kershner.

The book is a complete reference for beginners, starting with basic maneuvers such as chandelles and lazy-8s, then guiding the reader through more complicated combo maneuvers such as the cloverleaf. The book emphasizes techniques for Cessna Aerobat models, but its lessons are universal and easily applied to other aerobatic planes. The softcover book is 128 pages with plenty of illustrations.

Kershner flew aerobatic planes for 60 years and operated Ace Aerobatic School in Tennessee. Buying his book is the first step in achieving your goal of dancing in the sky.

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