FAA Area 1/2 Enroute Low US - 5/16/24 thru 7/11/24

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Instrument pilots who fly near or into busy, congested areas will appreciate the detailed level of situational awareness made possible by the FAA's IFR Area Charts. Similar to Enroute Low Altitude Charts, the Area Charts (A-1 & A-2) depict such need-to-know info as Victor Airways, navigational fixes, ATC reporting points, military training routes (MTRs), RNAV routes, special use airspace, controlled airspace boundaries, VHF navigational facilities (frequency, ID, geographic coordinates, and channel), and much more safety-of-flight data. Similar to low enroute charts, area charts are designed for navigational use up to (but not including) 18,000 feet.

What sets Area Charts apart from conventional low enroute charts is their larger scale. The A-1 side portrays terminal airspace for Atlanta (1" = 6 NM); Detroit (1" = 5 NM); Jacksonville (1" = 6 NM); Miami (1" = 6 NM); Minneapolis/St. Paul (1" = 6 NM); St. Louis (1" = 6 NM); and Washington, D.C. (1" = 7 NM). The A-2 side depicts Chicago/Milwaukee (1" = 6 NM); Dallas/Fort Worth (1" = 6 NM); Denver (1" = 7 NM); Kansas City (1" = 5 NM); Los Angeles (1" = 5 NM); Phoenix (1" = 8.5 NM); and San Francisco (1" = 6 NM). Available both as a one-time purchase or as a subscription, this is an affordable, value-packed resource that should be a "no-go" item in every instrument-rated pilot's flight bag.

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