Bose A20 Aviation Headset vs Bose A30 Aviation Headset - Should You Upgrade?

We're excited to be a launch partner with Bose for the new Bose A30 Aviation Headset. In this video, we explain the differences between the new Bose A30 headset, and its predecessor, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset. Check out this video to see what makes the A30 special.

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I want to buy one for for my car. Believe this is the solution to my issues in front of the mall.



Nice write up, the A30s are a dream! I believe the A20 second hand market should start to come down soon.



I was a bit disappointed in the announcement today. I was expecting some great innovation from Bose to surpass the advances made by Lightspeed Delta Zulu. Maybe I’m missing something, but I expected more from Bose. Making the headset more comfortable and continuing the already great ANR seems weak. Where’s the innovation like wearable detectors, audio tuning for personal hearing loss, etc.? How about a wireless headset that uses a small transmitter plugged into the GA ports so we can finally lose the cables? There are so many things that could be done to really bring 21st century innovation to aviation headsets. Lightspeed seems to have gotten the message. Bose is going to be left behind if they don’t figure it out.


Ian Minthorn

Ian Minthorn

The A20 is already a heavy headset. Now the a30 is even heavier. Only a couple ounces, but still….

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