USS Nautilus SSN 571 (L) Mahogany Model

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This handcrafted USS Nautilus model, in 1/150 scale, is painstakingly built by our skilled craftsmen with a wealth of detail. The USS Nautilus, SSN-571, is the world's first operational nuclear-powered submarine. She was the first vessel to complete a submerged transit beneath the North Pole on August 3, 1958. Because her nuclear propulsion allowed her to remain submerged for far longer than diesel-electric submarines, she broke many records in her first years of operation and was able to travel to locations previously beyond the limits of submarines.

Our wooden USS Nautilus model is an exact replica of the original, handcrafted with vigilance by master craftsmen. After it is sanded and puttied, skilled artists paint on the intricate details. Clear lacquer provides the finishing touch and long-lasting protection. Each ship model comes on a a display base with brass pedestals and a brass name plate.

  • 1/150 Scale Model
  • 2.25 Inch Wingspan
  • 25.5 Inch Length
  • Material Mahogany Wood


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