RAM Double Socket Swivel Arm for 1" Balls (Overall Length: 6.25")

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Anyone who has ever complained about the limited versatility of electronics mounts and connecting arms is in for a pleasant surprise the moment (s)he lays eyes on the RAM Double Socket Swivel Arm for 1" Balls (Overall Length: 6.25"). This mind-blowing, high-strength composite articulating arm is capable of adapting its position, length, and angle to match virtually any conceivable orientation. If you can dream it, this unit can do it.

The arm's adaptability comes from its pair of 1" diameter open ball sockets - on at each end - as well as its central connecting swivel. Both end sockets, which are designed to integrate with a vast assortment of RAM mounts and cases/cradles (sold separately), can independently rotate a full 360° around their dedicated rotation points. Furthermore, the unit's center connecting joint is fully capable of swiveling forward/backward up to 180°, i.e. 90° in each direction. Additionally, the Swivel Arm's ball-and-socket technology also enables users to independently reposition/fine-tune each connected ball joint - on top of all the aforementioned flexibility! Measures 6 1/4" L when fully extended with a socket-to-socket distance of 5 1/2". Use it just once and you're bound to agree: There's truly no limit to what this item can do.


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