Learjet 35A Resin Model

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The Learjet 35 is part of a series of American multi-role business jets and military transport aircraft. This specific model is the Learjet 35A, which is an upgraded Model 35 with newer engines, increased range and fuel capacity. The 35A was introduced in 1976, replacing the 35 - over 600 35As were built. In February 1996, a Learjet 35A piloted by Mark E. Calkins, Charles Conrad, Jr., Paul Thayer, and Daniel Miller completed an around-the-world flight in record time.

This handcrafted model is painstakingly molded from pressure cast composite resin by our skilled craftsmen with a wealth of detail and makes a great gift for any veteran, aviation enthusiast or history buff.

  • 1/48 Scale Model
  • 9.25 Inch Wingspan
  • 12 Inch Length
  • Material Resin Composite