C-54 Skymaster Mahogany Model

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The Douglas C-54 Skymaster was a four-engined transport aircraft used by the United States Army Air Forces and British forces in World War II and the Korean War. In addition to cargo transport, the C-54 also carried presidents, prime ministers, and military staff. This was one of the first aircraft to carry the President of the United States and to assume the call sign Air Force One. There are many variants of the C-54 and their roles include air-sea rescue, scientific and military research and missile tracking and recovery. After the Korean War it continued to be used for military and civilian uses by more than 30 countries.

This handcrafted model is painstakingly built from Philippine mahogany by our skilled craftsmen with a wealth of detail and makes a great gift for any veteran, aviation enthusiast or history buff.

  • 1/72 Scale Model
  • 19.5 Inch Wingspan
  • 15.7 Inch Length
  • Material Mahogany Wood