Atlas II Mahogany Model

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Atlas II was a member of the Atlas family of launch vehicles, which evolved from the successful Atlas missile program of the 1950s. It was designed to launch payloads into low earth orbit, geosynchronous transfer orbit or geosynchronous orbit. This series used an improved Centaur upper stage ?Çô the world's first high-energy propellant stage ?Çô to increase its payload capability. Sixty-three launches of the Atlas II, IIA and IIAS models were carried out between 1991 and 2004.

This handcrafted model is painstakingly built by our skilled craftsmen with a wealth of detail and makes a great gift for any space buff or history fan.

  • 1/144 Scale Model
  • 2 Inch Wingspan
  • 12 Inch Length
  • Material Mahogany Wood


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