Who are the most famous pilot fashion icons? General MacArthur may have popularized aviator sunglasses, but Tom Cruise ignited “Top Gun” Maverick fashion mania.

If you want to explore “Top Gun” movie fashion and learn to dress like Maverick (or other stylish pilots), keep reading as we share our best ideas (plus links to fun bonus accessories).

Top Gun T-Shirts

A relaxed pilot-inspired tee is the anchor point of any good Top Gun outfit. One of our favorites is a classic Maverick-friendly white tee with a Grumman F-14 Tomcat print available in men’s and women’s sizing (and plenty of other colors in case white is not your thing):

Feeling a bit more playful? Instead of a Top Gun t-shirt, we’d like to introduce you to the Top Dog tee. Our sentimental favorite, the top (bull) dog t-shirt features a dog in a flight suit and was inspired by Sir. Bubba – our PilotMall.com official mascot. Bubba ensures quality control and has given this signature shirt his “Bubba Tested Paw of Approval.”

Top Gun Pilot Jacket

If it’s too chilly out for just a tee, layer with a Top Gun jacket. We love the classic, iconic look of the Top-Gun Official G-1 leather jacket. Both the solid black and solid brown versions have a vintage flair that solidly anchors your cold weather pilot outfit.

Looking to make your jacket more of an eye-catching conversation starter? Pick up the patch version of the Official G-1. The body of this jacket is the same as the classic G1, but you’ll also have fun showcasing Navy history in the form of squadron patches, a naval aviator blood chit, and a patch commemorating the USS Galveston’s 1963-1964 tour of duty.

Face the most extreme winter weather while still looking good when you bundle up in the Top Gun Official N3-B jacket. Designed based on the 1950’s military-flight-crew-issued parkas, the N3-B keeps you toasty even in sub-freezing temperatures. The secret of the so called “Snorkel Parka” is a hood that can zip all the way up leaving just a small snorkel-like tunnel to look out of – perfect for avoiding frostbite, (though we recommend leaving the hood unzipped if you’re focused on preserving style).

Retro fashion is in right now, and that means the Top Gun Official CWU-45P nylon jacket with its faux fur trim is on point. This wearable piece of WWII aviation history is warm, water repellent, and layers extra well over aviator tees.

Top Gun Aviator Glasses

Top Gun Maverick fashion cannot be done without the shades. A good pair of aviators is key to nailing the classic pilot look. These iconic sunglasses complement most facial shapes, making a clear pilot fashion statement while also protecting your eyes from both UVA and UVB rays.

Our aviator sunglasses collection includes the very best built-to-last quality frames from brands like Randolph Engineering, Serengeti, Revo, and Lift.

Stylish Pilot Watch

There are plenty of contenders for the title of best pilot watch, but if the goal is to look like a high-speed Top Gun pilot, our vote is to go Navy all the way and select one of the signature Blue Angels chronographs.

This collection of elegant watches from CITIZEN pays homage to the legendary piloting skills of the Blue Angels Navy and Marine aviators. Each of the four watches in the collection includes the navy blue and vibrant yellow colors of the Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron paired with the precise CITIZEN quality which embodies the prestige of the elite Blue Angels group.

As a bonus, two of the watches come in heavy duty hard cases, and another is housed in a one-of-a-kind collectible yellow fighter helmet case.

Top Gun Accessories

Beside the iconic Top Gun jeans, the other finishing touch you’ll want to add to your casual flyboy or flygirl look is accessories.

The deep navy blue color of the Top Gun official patches ball cap pops when paired with your Top Gun tee, aviator shades, Blue Angels watch, and G-1 jacket.

Just sling your Top Gun leather pilot bag over your shoulder and you’re off for a weekend trip, or grab your Top Gun backpack with patches for a right-sized day bag.

Aren’t you forgetting someone? Your favorite fur child can prep for a role as copilot when you snuggle them up in a cozy Top Gun dog bomber jacket that is sure to get squeals of excitement and photo op requests when the two of you are out for a walk.

It’s your turn

Calling all stylish pilots and aviator fashion fans – what are your go-to pieces to really nail the casual, off-duty Top Gun pilot look? Let us know in the comments below.

Ready to share your runway-ready looks? We can’t wait to see them. Tag us (@pilotmall) in your #pilotfashion photos on Instagram.

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