Fathers Day Aviation Gifts

Finding that special gift for the aviation enthusiast in your life just got easier!

Looking for that perfect gift for your aviation enthusiast? Pilots and aviators are a special breed. They can be very hard to shop for. At Pilot Mall, you’ll be able to find them things they will need in the cockpit, or something to tickle their aviation fancy. Whether your price point is $50 or $500, you will be sure to find something for every type of aviation lover at Pilot Mall.

We’re here to help you find that perfect gift for Father’s Day in one of the most exciting industries! When it comes to gift giving, we have compiled a list of items that will leave your aviator smiling from ear to ear. 

  1. High Flying Models: Snag a model of their favorite aircraft. There are over 200 to choose from! This would make for a perfect decoration for their office or man cave.
  2. Aeroplane Apparel Company: You can never go wrong with an aviation themed t-shirt. Your special aviator will feel proud to wear their favorite aviation quote or an illustration of their prized airplane!
  3. Garmin D2 Pilot Watch: Any pilot would love one of these watches! With a rich array of color mapping, weather, waypoint reference, and flight logging features, you can count on reliable on-wrist situational reference. The D2 Pilot Watch also includes heart rate monitoring and daily activity tracking.
  4. Flight Simulation Gear: Are you looking to help someone along with their flight training? Our flight simulation gear is perfect for training purposes!
  5. Assorted Toys & Gifts: We carry a wide range of unique aviation toys and gifts. Shop for anything from mugs, clocks, license plate frames, home furnishings, keychains, and more. Get them a heartfelt gift that they will remember forever!
  6. Bose Headset: Want to be their favorite? Every aviator dreams of owning a Bose headset. The headsets have plush padding and ultra-soft ear seals that will be comfortable for hours in the air.
  7. Artwork & Prints: Our artwork and prints are very popular and perfect for home décor or even for a pilot’s airport hangar. Pick from bookends, clocks, frames, and wall art!
  8. Sunglasses: Sunglasses always make a great gift. Find high-quality aviator sunglasses from manufacturers like Method Seven, Oakley, Randolph Engineering, and Serengeti.
  9. Kitchen Items: Who wouldn’t like a new mug for their morning cup of joe? We have a wide selection of kitchen items and barware like bottle openers, shot glasses, bottle stoppers, salt and pepper shakers, and much more!

Pilot Mall is honored to serve the needs of our customers. Make sure to take a look at our best-selling items that any aviation enthusiast will love! It doesn’t stop there, make sure to check back to see what has been added in our new products section!

Want more gift ideas? Check out 20 more possible Aviation Watch gift ideas and the Best Bomber Jackets for men!

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