When flying, safety is normally our number one concern, but we have a right to be comfortable too, right?

We find that like race car drivers, pilot's have a need for a very fitted shoe that includes proper traction as well as comfort. Some companies are putting in a lot of effort to transform the way pilots fly. Companies like LIFT Aviation are changing the industry.

With research, LIFT Aviation has created shoes that allow pilots safety & comfort, as well as options that are fashionable… In case you wish to show a hint of your personality.

Air Boss Flight Shoe by Lift Aviation

LIFT Aviation shoes look a tad different upon close inspection. On the heel you will notice 2 points that jut out ever so slightly. This is LIFT Aviation’s patent pending engineered Rudder Control Heel Slider. Imagine a flight free of friction AND with added rudder control! This seemingly simple addition to a shoe offers a slider that “is an injection molded frictionless cleat”.

Recently, LIFT Aviation offered us some shoe samples so we could test their product during our SUN 'n FUN Airshow and we were pleasantly surprised! Pilot needs aside; the shoe itself was light and comfortable while walking around during our 13-15 hour days! That means when you land at your destination your feet will continue to feel comfortable while exploring!

LIFT Aviation shoes come in several colors like Black, Grey, Brown, Navy and HiViz. At PilotMall.com you can find the Air Boss Flight Shoe, Dakota Flight Shoe, Spinner Flight Show and the Talon Flight Shoe to suit whatever your personal style may be. Sizing is available in US sizes from 7-13 and includes half sizes. See LIFT Aviation’s sizing recommendation below:

Our shoe does run smaller than a typical dress shoe for performance needs. We recommend you order 1 size larger than you normally wear for casual usage. Wide options are not currently available. Click here for our shoe size chart.

If you are still curious, check out all of the benefits LIFT Aviation shoes have to offer:

  • Flight System™ Engineered Heel Sliders (Patent Pending)
  • Response Core™ dual density EVA midsole is durable and lightweight.
  • G-Traction™ bi-lateral Grip System designed to directly interface aircraft rudder pedals
  • Ortholite® performance insoles are cushioned, highly breathable, and anti-microbial
  • Oil Resistant, Slip Resistant, and Heat Resistant performance outsole
  • Highly cushioned sole provides comfort in the heel and increased flex in the toe
Are YOU ready to take flight in a new pair of kicks? Shop Lift Aviation Shoes Today.
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