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We all remember that eagerness to share what our dreams were when we were young, and for many of us flying was the dream. So if you know a young adventurer who has a love for the sky, why not encourage their spirits with an aviation-themed gift?

From creative aviation toys to engaging items that give them a closer glimpse into the world of aviation, these presents can inspire kids to reach higher heights and explore new possibilities. To make their dreams of flight come true, we've put together a list of 15 amazing products and gift ideas to take them soaring with joy.

Let's dive into the world of aviation and explore the perfect present to make their dreams of flying high in airplanes come true.

Pilot Toys 787 Airliner Wind-Up 3D Puzzle

  1. Pilot Toys 787 Airliner Wind-Up 3D Puzzle

Encourage creative play by engaging both your child's passion for airplanes and their minds with Pilot Toys Wind-Up 3D Puzzle of a Boeing 787 Airliner. These can be remarkable aviation toys.

Putting together 3D puzzle airplanes can be a great activity to explore with your kids and help them develop their problem-solving skills—great skills for any future pilot to have.

When your little one has completed the puzzle, show it off! Give your junior pilot a hug and celebrate their success.

Let them know that you believe in them and encourage them to reach for the stars. Add Boeing planes to their growing collection of toys and let their imaginations take flight.

Age: Recommended for kids ages 8 and older.

Delta Air Lines Plush Airplane Toy

  1. Delta Air Lines Plush Airplane Toy

Plushies are always a source of comfort and delight to children (and even some adults!) of any age. Nothing is more cozy than cuddling up with a teddy bear in the evening, but for young aviators, nothing could be better than having an airplane plushie as their special companion.

This would make for an ideal present for someone taking their first journey aboard a Delta aircraft—it will let their imaginations soar up above the clouds just like the planes!

Age: Recommended for kids 19 months and older.

Delta Airport Play Set - Aviation Toys

  1. Delta Air Lines Play Set

Is your child fascinated by airports? Or perhaps they had a trip recently on an airplane and you want to help encourage their enthusiasm and interest in aviation. Either way, a great way to help your child decide their passions in life is to allow them to exercise their imagination and this Delta Airlines airport play set allows them to do just that!

There are plenty of options in this set to fill your child's time with wonder, including an airplane, several signs, and cars. Get out the paper and color markers, draw out a runway, and watch your child's eyes light up as you make their dreams a reality.

Age: Recommended for kids 4 and older.

Airplane kit - Buildable Model Plane

  1. Wooden Mechanical Biplane Model

This charming plane set can be a fun family activity to share between parents and their kids. Crafted with lovingly sourced eco-friendly birch plywood, this toy is a wonderful keepsake to hang in your child's room or to decorate their desk. It will become a beautiful reminder of the precious memories you made together. These types of airplane flying toys boost creative play.

Spark your child's fascination with planes and create special memories with them by assembling this stunning wooden Biplane model together.

Age: Recommended for kids 8 and older.

JetBlue Airways Plush Airplane Toy - Plane Plushie

  1. JetBlue Airways Plush Airplane Toy

If you liked the Delta plushie, why not consider adding more airplanes? This toy provides the perfect way for your little ones to capture their fond memories of flying with JetBlue. Whether it's kept as a reminder of their journey in the skies, or added to a collection of plush toys for imaginative games of make-believe, this is sure to bring your child hours of joy and entertainment.

After all, with a world full of wonder at their fingertips, there's no limit to what your little aviator can dream up!

Age: Recommended for kids 19 months and older.

Pilot Toys Products - Airplane kit - Buildable Model Plane

  1. Pilot Toys V-22 Osprey 3D Puzzle

The marvelous V-22 Osprey is a craft unlike any other, drawing the curiosity and adoration of everyone who sees it! Spend some quality time and do something creative with your child and make this unique aircraft come to life as you build 3D puzzles together. The real rotating blades will leave them amazed!

Have a little one that loves both helicopters and planes? Why not give them the best of both worlds with their very own V-22 Osprey 3D Puzzle?

This fantastic gift will be enjoyed in their childhood and treasured in their adulthood.

Age: Recommended for kids 12 and older.

Lunar Explorer Playset - Space Mission Toys

  1. Lunar Explorer 15 Piece Playset w/Kennedy Space Center Sign

The Lunar Toy Playset is sure to bring a spark of joy and wonder into your home! Let your little one's imagination take off as they explore the vast possibilities with this set. Help them hurl their rocket ship through the depths of space and go on exciting lunar space missions!

Enjoy quality time together and make creative games to play while teaching them about science in an entertaining way.

Age: Recommended for kids 3 and older.

 Cobi Planes Building Blocks - Aviation Toys

  1. Top Gun Mustang P-51D 265pc Set Cobi Blocks

Make family time extra special and educational with this must-have toy! Get your child's imagination soaring as you play together and build model planes, inspired by Tom Cruise’s classic Top Gun movies. Cobi blocks are toys that are not only loved by small aviators but also by teens and adults—they look great in an office or bedroom.

With toys like these, learning doesn't have to be a dreaded chore—it can become something your kids look forward to! Make memories that will last a lifetime with Cobi blocks.

Note: Cobi Blocks are fully compatible with all other brick and block building lines!

Age: Recommended for kids 3 and older.

Cobi Plane Products - Building Blocks - Aviation Toys

  1. Sopwith Camel F.I 172pc - Cobi Blocks

This is such a cute present with so much history behind it! The special child in your life may not know what Sopwith Camel F.1 airplanes are, but they'll be struck with how cool this historic biplane looks as they build it with Cobi Blocks.

It's one of the few pieces of educational fun out there, and it's up to you if you want to make it even more meaningful by giving them a mini-history lesson about the plane. In any case, they're sure to love this toy!

Age: Recommended for kids 7 and older.

Alaska Airlines Plush Airplane Toy - Plane Plushie

  1. Alaska Airlines Plush Airplane Toy

Yup, you guessed it, we've added another plushie to this list, but they're so cute we can't help ourselves. This time we're featuring Alaska Airlines with this soft toy. This is an ideal bed or crib companion for a small child and even older kids would enjoy having plush toy planes as added decoration to their room.

Age: Recommended for kids ages 19 months and older.

Pilot Toys - Airplane kit - Buildable Model Plane

  1. Pilot Toys F/A-18 Hornet 3D Puzzle

We believe Pilot Toys planes are the perfect way to help kids discover the thrilling world of aircrafts! These planes are designed with sweeping curves that will delight any kiddo, plus their sturdy construction gives parents peace of mind. They're also a great way for youngsters to show off their work at school when they're done assembling them - it's sure to be a hit with teachers and classmates alike!

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Age: Recommended for kids 12 and older.

Cobi Blocks- Aviation Toys

  1. AV-8B Harrier II Plus 424pc - Cobi Blocks

This awe-inspiring aircraft can be a part of your home with Cobi Blocks. Play together for an unforgettable family activity. Once you've completed building it, you don't have to store it away, it comes with a nameplate and a stand to proudly display your family's efforts. It's more than just a toy—it’s an experience that will create lasting memories that will bring your family closer together.

Age: Recommended for kids 10 and older.

Pilot Toys PT-17 Stearman Wind-Up 3D Puzzle

  1. Pilot Toys PT-17 Stearman Wind-Up 3D Puzzle

Kids who appreciate airplanes will be excited to work on this wind-up Stearman 3D Puzzle. Biplanes are fun aircraft designs and this toy is a product created by a brand we know values quality.

Wind up more than just the propeller, wind up their interest in becoming a pilot.

Age: Recommended for kids 8 and older.

Space Shuttle Full Stack w/Astronauts

  1. Space Shuttle Full Stack w/Astronauts

Your little one(or even your older kid) will have a blast recreating the iconic NASA Space Shuttle launch sequence with this toy. It includes an amazingly detailed and accurate representation of the entire Shuttle launch stack, plus three brave astronauts ready to embark on their space mission to the moon.

This toy can be used as a history teaching tool, or for creating interactive games to help invigorate their interest in aerospace.

Age: Recommended for kids 3 and older.

UPS Plush Airplane Toy - Planes Plushie

  1. UPS Plush Airplane Toy

And our final item is...yes, you guessed it—another plushie! We know that you must be surprised, but we think this one will put a big smile on your little one's face! By now, every youngster has seen the familiar sight of the UPS delivery man pulling up with packages.

What better way to celebrate than cuddling up with a soft plush plane that can take the package from coast to coast? It's the perfect present for any aspiring pilot who dreams of flying with UPS someday.

Age: Recommended for kids 19 months and older.


We hope you enjoyed this list, when it comes to finding the perfect present for a child who appreciates the magic of flight, we've got you covered with a wide array of options.

From delightful flying toys to cozy plush companions, our selection of flight-themed products is designed to ignite their imagination and bring endless joy.

Whether you choose 3D puzzles, pilot toys, or educational playsets, the gift of flight is one that lets kids explore the skies and embark on exciting adventures.

Take your time to choose the perfect present from our collection and watch their faces light up as they soar into a world of fun and games.

Did you find our list of aviator gifts for kids helpful?

Do you think there are aviation toys that should have been on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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