10 Hangar Homes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Do you dream of living in a glamorous airpark where your home’s attached hangar has direct access to the runway? Or perhaps you are simply drooling over remodeled hangars and aviation-inspired homes.

Construct the contemporary aerie of your desires with vast windows providing magnificent vistas of the airfield, or opt for an exquisite remodeling of a vintage hangar to salute aviation's golden age.

Our 2023 updated list of the top 10 hangar homes contains something for each aviation fantasy.

1.      Meadow Lake Airpark: Peyton, Colorado

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Meadow Lake

An opulent Mediterranean-style villa with attached hangar, this Meadow Lake Airpark home marries lifestyle luxury with aviator practicality. Imagine being able to walk from your bedroom to your cockpit without ever going outside.

Designers included high-end home finishings to appeal to your other half as well. The home is outfitted with old-world cabinetry, professional Viking brand appliances, granite countertops and a large, well-laid-out owner’s suite.

The hangar’s radiant heating keeps you warm in the middle of winter and a 45’ x 14’ hangar door provides direct access to the 6,000-foot runway.

Don’t forget those land-based toys. A 6-car tandem finished garage, also with radiant heating, offers plenty of room for housing cars, motorcycles, boats and more.

2.      SilverWing at Sandpoint: Sandpoint, Idaho

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Silver Wing

Northern Idaho is becoming quite a destination for pilots who appreciate the seclusion and wild beauty of the area’s pristine lakes and mountains. SilverWing at Sandpoint, located in the heart of this beauty, is currently attracting new owners eager to custom-build hangar homes.

Your mountain lodge dream home combines all the rock accents and resort-style finishings of a 5-star hotel. Attached hangars are also custom built and can be from 50’ x 42’ up to 60’ x 70’ in size.

3.      Zinc House Nissen Hut: Essex, England

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Zinc House
History buffs will appreciate the storied background of the converted Nissen hut hangar home in Essex. Dating back to World War II, this hangar – now known as the Zinc House – used to be home to the UK’s light aircraft.

Today it has been completely reborn. Its 4,000 square feet now contain five bedrooms including a 22-foot-long master bedroom. The open floorplan features a long living room and an Italian staircase leading up to the master. A sauna and yoga room round out the list of impressive amenities in this unique and historic hangar home.

4.      Spruce Creek Fly-In: Port Orange, Florida

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Spruce Creek

Spruce Creek Fly-In is an exclusive community known for its impressive estates which combine massive hangars (some 72’ x 43’) and expansive up-scale homes. These mega-mansions afford you such luxuries as an outdoor pool with full glass enclosure and vast living spaces (over 11,000 square feet in some cases).

Home libraries, offices, fitness rooms, pool tables, grand pianos, outdoor pool-side kitchens and bars surrounded by lush landscaping – Spruce Creek has it all.

5.      Bunny Lane: Bernardsville, New Jersey

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Bunny Lake

What would it be like to live in a quaint 1800’s cottage which just so happens to be nested inside a 1900’s-inspired airplane hangar? Look no further than architect Adam Kalkin’s Bunny Lane home for an answer.

Like a ship in a bottle, Kalkin’s mint green “playhouse,” resides inside of a custom-designed hangar. The combo creates a unique and mind-bending world that makes its own rules for scale and design.

6.      Banman Live-Work Hangar: Santa Paula, California

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Banman


Imagine sipping your morning coffee at a retro red and black breakfast bar while gazing across your living room to your airplane. Designed with classic aircraft lovers in mind, the Banman Live-Work Hangar at the Santa Paula Airpark takes your plane out of hiding.

Forget deciding what piece of artwork to hang – here your aircraft is the star of the show and the focal point of your entire hangar home.

7.      Cargotexture Container Home: Blue Hill, Maine

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Cargotexture

Some hangar homes start out their lives as actual hangars and others – like this container home in Blue Hill, Maine – are simply inspired by the look of hangars. The same architect who designed the Bunny Lane home was also the creative force behind this unique container home.

Vibrant orange shipping containers are stacked to form modern rooms, then arranged around an open central living space that is reminiscent of a hangar. The “hangar” even has a wide glass door at one end to let in the sea breeze and provide a breathtaking view.

8.      Alpine Airpark: Alpine, Wyoming

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Alpine Airpark

Ask a fellow aviator for airpark suggestions and one of the first recommendations you are likely to receive is Alpine Airpark in Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains. The park is a mere 35 miles south of the Jackson Hole travel destination and shares the same natural beauty.

Speaking of beauty, another beautiful aspect of Alpine Airpark is the diversity of home designs. In one community, you can choose between western rustic, modern minimalist, barnyard classic, old-world chateau and many other distinct styles.

There are no cookie-cutter properties here. Each estate is uniquely beautiful and embodies the luxury you would expect from Jackson Hole area real estate.

Imagine luxuries like an in-home movie theater, two-lane bowling alley, golf simulator and more. Of course, if you want to, you can always reserve one of the vacant lots and commission your own custom retreat home.

9.      Green Arc House: East Hampton, New York

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Green Arc

Sustainable living and modern architecture meet hangar-inspired design elements in Maziar Behrooz’s Green Arc House. The gracefully curving arch of the hangar-like main roof is both elegant and functional. The shape encourages the home’s air circulation, so the temperature stays comfortable throughout the year. Reclaimed and recycled materials come together to craft a streamlined, modern interior feel.

From the front door, the Arc House looks deceptively small, but don’t be fooled by first appearances. Much of the 6,400 square foot home is cut into the side of the hill and hidden underground where the owners enjoy ultimate privacy.

10. Danville: Geneva, Florida

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Danville

Our final hangar home looks deceptively average from the outside. At first glance, it’s easy to wonder how this basic-looking hangar ever made it onto a list of jaw dropping homes. That all changes with the touch of a button. The front porch hinges up to reveal a 1940’s European “town” that hangar owner Daniel Shaw affectionately refers to as Danville.

Danville is a blend of building facades and actual functional buildings like O’Shaw’s Irish Pub, the office at City Hall and a laundromat. The inn at the end of the street contains a master suite for guests to spend the night. From a private second-floor balcony, they can enjoy the “drive-in movie” being projected on the interior of the closed hangar door.

Danville became such a hit that Dan and his wife eventually decided to turn the location into a bed and breakfast. The Danville B&B can now be rented out for weddings and other special events. In addition to overnights at the inn, Danville guests can also book a stay in the yurt, man cave or even a one-of-a-kind on-site tree house.

Bonus Hidden Airpark

10 Hangar Homes Make Your Jaw Drop Heavens Landing

Nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia is a mountain estate airpark that its owners say is, “Like no place on Earth!” Welcome to Heaven’s Landing.

If you crave the quiet peace of the wilderness, you will appreciate the thousands of acres of National Forest Service land surrounding the 635-acre gated community.

Build your own hangar home on a 1.5-acre lot off the runway and enjoy all the extra luxuries of Heaven. You will have access to a spacious 3-story clubhouse overlooking the runway plus hiking trails and an equestrian area. Dirt biking, four wheeling and mountain biking are also allowed on adjacent trails, so no matter what your favorite ground-based hobby is, you will find it in Heaven.


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