Flight Outfitters Centerline Kneeboard

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Just like iPad's and other portable devices keep getting better, so do the kneeboards that hold them. And the latest in kneeboard innovation is the Flight Outfitters Centerline Kneeboard.

The Small version is compatible with all iPad Minis and the Large version fits all iPad 5-9, iPad Air 1-4 and iPad Pro 9.7"-10.5". Pilot-friendly features include sturdy mounting brackets and expandable corner loops for a secure grip on the iPad. A silicone attachment mechanism allows you to see more of the screen while taking up the minimal amount of space in your flight bag. The flexible holder is mounted to a firm surface that also provides rotational capabilities. Do you fly landscape for cross country and portrait for approaches? No problem. The Centerline Kneeboard easily rotates around the center of mass for the iPad.


  • Fold-down platform
  • Center rotating point
  • Extra thick elastic strap
  • Non-slip underside
  • Silicone iPad holder
  • Padded back
  • Pen/stylus pocket
  • Mesh Pocket

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