Chicago Helicopter Route Chart - 04/20/23 thru 06/15/23

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Knowing that rotorcraft operations in high-density airspace present unique challenges and associated hazards, the FAA developed its series of Helicopter Route Charts specifically to give rotorcraft operators a leg up in their flight ops. These 3-color charts depict 4 classes of heliports (with associated frequency and lighting capabilities), obstructions, NAVAIDS, established rotorcraft routes, and other need-to-know info pertinent to heavily trafficked helicopter areas. They also identify roads, geographical features, and symbols unique to the covered area.

This chart covers the Chicago area and associated helicopter routes. Like all Helicopter Route Charts, it's printed on synthetic paper, utilizes a 1:125,000 (1.7 nm per inch/0.68 nm per cm) scale, and is updated as requested by the FAA. An affordable, info-packed, safety-enhancing publication that no rotorcraft operator in The Windy City area should fly without.


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